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Acting like a big fat pervy perv face who gets off by talking about others constantly in a sexual way
-"Hey Tom! Whats up?"

-"I'm uppp! By lookin at youu! Ohhh!"

-"Omg, he's so perv ish"
by nessssssssssss April 01, 2008
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Traditional Irish Music Band from Limerick, Ireland. They play pervy, high-quality Irish music. For more information see
Pervish Band members - Rosie Ni Galloglaidh, Matt Griffin, Fionn O Dalaigh, Maria Ward, Yvonne Bolton, and Kevin Jones.
by Goats Cheese April 05, 2009
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A rumored mythical village in the UK full of perverted old men. Quaint and friendly, this is a must-stop on any European road trip for single women.
The two widows traveled to Pervish to attend a dance in the village square.
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