hot ass chicks.Not neccesarily from Iran. Persian in the old biblical sense. In ancient times when Romans invaded and there were nomads and shit who wandered through the desert. It's a look that is middle eastern. Princesses definately. FINE FA SHO! Give a caucasian some love.
This Anglo-Saxan is about to hook up with a hot persian lookin breezy.
by Austin Jones March 14, 2004
A typical persian(from Iran, prounounced eeron, not i ran) is always late to everything, lives in a nice area (like Beverly Hills), drives a Mercedes or BMW, has a lot of money, yet is very cheap. Often times, persians have accents that inhibit them from properly pronouncing the letter "w," and therefore they replace it with "v". Persian guys are known to be hairy on every part of their body except the top of their head, and wear a lot of cologne. Persian girls are very "clicky" and tend to dress in all black black. Brand names are a MUST. Also, a typical trend is the older they are, the blonder they are. It all starts with highlights, and then turns into blonde!
PS most persians want to go to UCLA and become doctors or lawyers
by Tanya June 11, 2004
There is no country named "Persia" but rather Iran.

In other words an IRANIAN AND PERSIAN is the same thing!
Iranians are Persians, and they are known for..

1. ) Having their largest community outside of Iran in Southern California - The Los Angeles area is nicknamed "Tehrangeles" with nearly 800,000 Iranians
2.) Most Persians are hard working in school and become professionals such as doctors and engineers, and also many entrepreneurs.
3.) Iran is a Muslim country with other religions, however, most Iranians are "Secular Muslims" and they identify with muslim culture and view themselves as being more spiritual and not religous. They are very progressive and open to modern ideas and American lifestyle

4.) Persian men are very handsome and Persian women are some of the best looking women in the middle east ( Only Lebanon has more beautiful women!) They are known for dressing in Armani, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci
Most Persians live in the areas of Irvine, West LA, San Fernando Valley and Silicon valley. They all are rich and and wear the best clothes!
by PegahJoonam December 17, 2007
A race of people originating from Iran. These people, like Germans, are Aryans. Persians are also white, and not semitic; they are descendants of Japheth, not Shem. Persians aren't Arabs either: Lebanese, Syrians, Saudis, and Yemenites are Arabs, but not Persians. Their native religion is Zoroastarianism, but most Persians practice islam today because they were forced to convert to the religion after the Arabs invaded Iran in the 7th Century AD.

They once had a powerful and vast empire, but it was destroyed by the Greeks and even worse by the Arabs. Alexander the Great destroyed the mighty city of Persepolis when he was drunk, but the Arabs tried to suppress their culture and brought Islam, and tried to do away with the Persian language though they were unsuccessful in doing so.

Modern Persians in Iran are given little freedom and oppressed by the Islamic republic, while Persians outside of Iran are typically prosperous.
Persians are an ancient race and the founders of the oldest nation in the world: Iran
by gsmax4 November 20, 2008
drink tea after every meal, say es- in front of every word starting with s. like es-spagati, or es-steven- or es-spoon, they smoke hookah like every nite
persians are cool with their accents and tea
by filthy rich persian girl June 18, 2006
Someone who hails from Persia. I have no problem with Persians and know a guy whose family is from Persia and he's the nicest guy, but unlike from what I've read here, Persians don't look that much like Italians guys. Sorry
Persians are also known as Iranians.
by Weird Al November 13, 2003
are the biggest eaters except for italians. they should be obese from all the rice and carbs they eat but some how they are usually thin. foods- ghormeh sabzi, ghondi, polo shabati, kabob, ab goosht, and my favorite, tahdig and soo much more
persians know how too cook
by filthy rich persian girl June 18, 2006
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