A fanatical follower of the Journey ( American rock band) vocalist Steve Perry.
Some perryloons just don't accept Arnel Pineda as the new Journey lead singer.
by Tom Q June 30, 2008
Top Definition
The name given to diehard fans of one Steve Perry, former frontman of a once mildly popular American rock band way back in the 1980's. These so called fans are normally comprised of morbidly obese fat sad old women and equally chuncky sad beer swilling lonely men. These creepy weirdos are characteristically paranoid and delusional, with an IQ lower than a slugs' johnson. They tend to collect together in groups, in the same way sewage gathers in the bottom of septic tank. One such gathering place is perryville, a chat forum now forced underground due to all the negativity and ill feeling it created. Once a group has formed paranoia compels the stronger members attack and bully the weaker members, or anyone who shows signs of intelligence or compassion. The remaining floaters then turn on each other. The women suffer the delusion that Steve Perry loves them and is going to marry them, the irony being lost on them. And the men are under the amusing delusion that their beer soaked venom passes as intelligence. These people are certifiable, unpleasant and best avoided.
Perryloons refuse to accept that Steve Perry left Journey twenty years ago. They delude themselves into believing that without Steve Perry Journey ceased to exist, this despite Journey continuing to record and release albums. They firmly believe that the other members of Journey plotted to remove him. No. His voice went. Deal with it!
Sometimes the simple answer is the right one, and believe me, these wackos need simple answers.
by Mister Nemo July 05, 2011
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