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Female bitch in Panama and an easy lay in Mexico.
Hola perra kieres cojer conmigo?
(Hi bitch do you wanna fuck with me?)

Su novia es una perra no me cae bien
(His girlfriend is a real bitch I don't get along with her)
by Elisa Altamira November 05, 2007
38 60
Naughty girl, bitch, slut
chupame la polla perra !
by Liris August 20, 2004
276 81
Same as Puta
Eres una puta/ Eres una perra. You're a bitch
by Victor Cervantes October 30, 2003
184 79
Spanish literal translation of bitch.
Used by people who are smart enough to figure out what it means and ignorant enough to forget that in Spanish it means female dog, not bitch.
Move, Perra.
Get out da way
by Vegan April 29, 2003
136 141