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Poser,thinks the world revolves around them. Bleached hair, claims to skate, lame, messed, what more can u ask of a poser?
"I'm so cool, I did a nollie 360." No you didn't, you peroxide abuser
by right/with/the/world December 19, 2002

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A person who is fake and insecure, has dyed hair, plastic finger nails, way too much make-up, talks too much, uneducated with no regard for the world. Spends lots of money but doesn't earn enough on their own. No sense of style. Chews and pops gum because it's the only way to get attention.
That peroxide abuser thinks the whole world revolves around them. Why can't they learn to build up their self esteem in a useful and creative way?
by Sharp Ed June 02, 2002