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what Tony Montana calls yeyo and most people call cocaine.
I snorted the best perico last weekend.
by martha March 24, 2004
200 128
its cocaine uncut
yo papi u got da perico
by Leo July 08, 2003
268 116
Cocaine in all its forms. The word perico “parrot” in English is used because the cocaine goes up the nose and it gives you a sting like a parrot’s bite. Also uses as pericaso.
were eis the perico.
give me a pericaso
by ellobo November 03, 2005
255 153
in spanish it means Parrot, but it also means Cocaine. They call it like that because when you get high on coke, you talk and talk and talk, like a parrot.
last night we got so high on perico...
by psychobabe January 24, 2008
125 76