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A couple that has been together for a long time and shows no intention of ever breaking up because they are so happy with each other.
Katherine and Emilio are the perfect couple. They are so happy together.
by Emiline1234 April 19, 2010
Two people made to be together forever.
Cory and Sami are a perfect couple. :)
by Oooooooooooooooooo December 22, 2008
The perfect couple is what everyone dreams about. The perfect couple is when two best friends get together. This couple is what everyone wants in a relationship. These two can talk about anything, always be honest with each other, and never get bored. These two are meant to be together. They have gone through their ups and down but still love each other. In the beginning they were afraid to lose their friendship, but they took the risk and it paid off because they are the perfect couple.
Emma and Michael are the perfect couple.
by LoveDoctor101 June 26, 2013
The best possible pair of people to be together. They can't stop thinking about eachother and are meant to be together. They make each other more happy than anything else. Every other couple is jealous of them.
Payton and Shawn are the perfect couple
by SMG3 April 12, 2014
Niccy and Matthew. Easily the most perfect couple ever. You can only dream to have a relationship like theirs. They love each other with every fiber of their being. These two will be together forever.
Goddamn I wish I had a relationship like theirs. They're the perfect couple.
by niccyandmatt4ever June 26, 2009
usually people who start with either a M or a R. always smile. laugh. smoke. and eat. they love each other.
the perfect couple thinks love is seaking the greater good in the other person
by afioanwdk asjdfnsoiad August 07, 2009