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When a man has a buzzed hair cut, along with an extreme receding hairline which resembles a penis with two balls.
Did you see Grant's buzz?
Yeah, he's got a straight up penis head
by Paul McElwain November 13, 2007
a human being with a penis upon his/her head
wow u have a penis on ur head u penishead
by fartbomb! October 20, 2006
One who's face resembles the shape of the male reproductive organ.
"Wow, Joe is a real penis head!"
by Kyle Pimpalowski April 13, 2006
dickhead, faggot

or a person who looks like a penis
suzie> ewww look at your boyfriend
cindy> yeah he looks like a penis head
Kelly> i know thats why i like him
by Leigh July 26, 2004
a head that looks like a really big and ugly penis.
Dylan Green the Penis-Head!!
by cockman2431 February 28, 2009
a head which is similairly shaped to a penis genitalia.
That man has a Penis Head
by Sir CocksAlott April 14, 2009
1. A derogatory name for a male who thinks with his penis.

2. A dildo that straps on to a man's (or woman's) forehead and is rammed into a waiting vagina or anus.
1. That sleaze is such a penis head. He's more cock than brains.

2. You won't believe it! Last night this jock rammed his penis head up my pussy! I screamed like a diabetic in Willy Wonka's candy factory.
by The Sour Trident September 03, 2008
Tom Plummers face
Guy 1: "Hey that looks like a penis on a mans head, is that a Penis Head?"

Guy 2: "Nah that's just Tom plummer"
by Jones123454321 October 28, 2013