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Someone with a penis on their face.
Hey, penisface, there's a penis on your face!
by Hi I like to hurt people =D July 29, 2003
78 30
A word to describe someone who has a face that looks like a penis.
Have you looked in the mirror lately, penis face?
by Jackson January 25, 2004
110 25
An explitave used to describe someone behaving badly. Much more creative than asshole, fucker, or cunt.
That server was very curt, what a penis face!
by maurad March 18, 2006
66 25
Someone with a big nose or someone you really hate.
Dude, that kid is such a penisface.
by fucker April 23, 2003
42 21
having a penis where your face should be
"Hey do you know Matt?"
"Yeah isn't he the guy with a penisface?"
by Mike Byrd January 22, 2009
26 9
1. The polite way of calling someone a dick head.
2. One whom often has penis in their face.
Pat McCurry is a Penis Face
by carl huebner May 03, 2009
22 7
The art of drawing a penis; and turning into a face. Whether it be smiling, frowning, or nuetral. A penis face always, always ALWAYS has eyelashes.
I was doodling a penis on my desk; and when the teacher walked by, totally turned into a penis face. I am THE BOMB.
by TheLoneBanana April 10, 2010
26 15