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this is when a man apply's a sucktion cup on the tip of his penis.and use's it to plunge the shit out of a women or mans ass.
damn i couldnt get the shit out of Jims ass last night.because my penis plunger is to small.
by young bovice(shaded thoughts) February 24, 2009
A word yet to be put into action. Simply put, this is the rare occasion where a male receiving oral sex against the woman's will is not satisfied, so said male cuts off his penis and slams it down her throat in order to prove she is in fact a Democrat.
Male: You can't give head worth shit.
Female: Its against my will! I would never su...
Male: How do you like that? Never thought you'd turn out to be a Democrat, did you?
by fagmuffin February 23, 2005
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