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1. The people on UD whom actually have no life and they think they are cool because when they put in a defenition for gay, they say people who use the word gay, besides meaning homosexuality, are stupid, ignorant, and prejudiced teenagers. They are also completely wrong, and THEY are the ignorant ones for steiotyping teenagers saying that males say it to up their "masculinity" and teenagers do not say it when they have no other comebacks or things to say, they say it because it is simple and slang. gay is an insult, but just a minor one. gay penguin shit ass mongers often enjoy pandapoopsex and are sometimes even gay themselves.

2. Term made famous by the movie "south park: bigger, longer, and uncut."

Cartman:Go eat penguin shit, you ass monger!
Guy 1-Hey man, that guystanding up as a homosexuality rights activisim is such a gay penguin shit ass monger.

Guy 2-I know man, look at him groping that dudes buttocks...did he just try to shove a finger in?

Guy 1-Man... thats Mr. Flora i think... and Nate

by It's AP! May 06, 2006

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