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peen - short for penis
A general view of the males in a designated area; a phrase often used in wonder of how hot the guys in the area are.

ex: at the mall, in a bar, at a party.
Janastasia: eyo what's the peen scene in town look like?

Katinka: eh it's better than yesterday, more of the douch-ey looking peen that you like more than the hipster-y peen i like

Janastasia: cool i'm getting into a cab now see you soon


Rhiannon: the peen scene here isn't lookin too big

Jamie: you're right but let's stay here and get drinks anyways so we don't get hit on for awhile, especially by those bald guys with the liver spots.

Rhiannon: aight.
by ScarletSkyeMelody August 03, 2011

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