v. The drunken act of trying not to urinate on your hand while trying to pee and keep your balance. Usually requiring a very drunk individual.
He just went to go to the bathroom man but he is so trashed he is probably in there playing pee-knuckle.
by BWH October 25, 2006
Top Definition
Anybody younger then the person using the word "peeknuckle". Usually a very little kid or middleschooler.
"Look at all those little peeknuckles!"
by Christine Bagwell March 10, 2008
How one might spell the name of the card game, "Pinochle" because it is pronounced as though it were spelled, "Pee knuckle".
Martha, I'm going over to Ron's house tonight because he's hosting a Pee knuckle competition.
by Telephony October 08, 2013
An outstanding community member
That Peeknuckle really knows how to get things done.
by Epic Lulz May 17, 2008
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