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a morning-after condition caused by heavy drinking marked by uncontrollable, urgent, extremely watery fecal discharge that it is essentially fluid upon exiting your body. occurs primarily after drinking dark liquors such as whiskey or inordinate amounts of beer.
Megan couldn't help herself at the open bar, she drank way too much whiskey. This morning she is paying for it with a bad case of pee butt.
by Foxy P. Intoxy May 15, 2011
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to urinate from the anus.
quick! pull into that gas station, I've got a mean case of pee-butt.
by Jboneeus August 11, 2006
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When someone of the male gender stops to pee in public or is at a urinal, another male sneaks up behind him and urinates on his butt. This is the act of pee butt.
"Dude, why are your pants all wet, did you piss yourself?"
"No dude, it's not actually my piss! Some asshole pulled over after me on the freeway and gave me a pee butt!"
by JICHMAN December 05, 2011
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When you eat spicy, or any stomach upsetting foods that causes you to pee from your butt.
The sauce on those wings was too spicy. I'm gonna have peebutt all day tomorrow.
by Facekiller666 January 21, 2015
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