The devastating finishing move of WWE wrestler Triple H
HHH pedigreed Randy Orton head first on to the steel chair!!!
by hhh April 02, 2005
Top Definition
A line of ancestors; a lineage.
Used as an adjective for having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal (or person)
The descendants of that guy have an impressive pedigree, his entire lineage has been warriors.
by HMS December 31, 2004
triple H's finisher, which is him sticking his opponents head between his legs, grabs both arms so they can't counter, and drvies there head into the mat.
"oh my god triple h just hit the pedigree"
by theduggler February 16, 2005
Personal identification collected by law enforcement when processing an arrested suspect.
The cops took my pedigree when I was taken to the precinct.
by Anthony Yochmann April 16, 2008
one with a privilaged background who gets money in a trust fund
"dude that guy with the jag is such a pedigree
by superman555 December 30, 2009
When someone comes from a long line of slutty/whorish people and are slutty/whorish themselves. If someone just comes from a long line said people but aren't that way. They are NOT pedigrees.
She must've been a pedigree, no way a virgin could do it like that.
Oh man I think she was a pedigree, because I wanna do her a second time.
by Hunterinabox June 27, 2011

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