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An insult used to put another person down. An asshole, cocksucker, or faggot. A person who is generally disliked by others.
Shut the fuck up, you pussy-ass pecker neck.
by Brandon B. October 15, 2003

Jerk, Asshole, Weasle, A Slimy Bastard, Backstaber, Someone who likes to run thier mouth then hides behind someone else, laughing at you. That guy who will not leave your girlfriend alone eventhough you already whooped his bitch a$$.. Usually associates with dickheads..
"See that lil' Peckerneck over there??"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"He keeps runnin' his lil' fukin' mouth about how he wants to fuk my girlfriend."

"Wait till' bartime, then we'll get his a$$."
by Fallen December 06, 2003
1. Someone that has an extremely lengthy neck.

2. Someone that acts like a total ass and thinks they are "all that".

3. A drunk biligerant dooshbag.
Did you see that peckneck in the pool?

That peckerneck might be driving a BMW, but he's socially challenged.

If this peckerneck rubs against me one more time, I'm gonna take him to school.
by joeshibotnik February 02, 2010
To bother someone while they are intoxicated or passed out, and you are too intoxicated to teabag or antique them, because you'd have to remember where the flour is for the former, or be able to operate your fly for the latter. Mostly consists of poking and pinching, but can be misconstrued by others as sexual or homosexual behavior.
"Dave's not a fag, but when he gets drunk, he'll start peckerneckin' with ya, so watch out."

"I was gonna antique his wimp-ass, but I was too stoned to find the flour, so I just peckernecked with him till he got off the couch."
by danw December 22, 2003
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