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The act of slapping someone with ones own pecker.

also see: Dick Whack, ding-a-ling popper, or Penis Sling
dude, some guy just came and hit me with his penis and went PECKER SLAP and ran off.
by J-$ October 03, 2005
A sexual act that Paris Hilton is quite accustomed to....being slapped in the face with a floppy dick.

Also used as a slang term for getting your ass kicked in a game of some type.
OMG LOL I just got finished getting pecker-slapped playing counterstrike.
by The Toe August 06, 2004
A better, less formal way of saying someone is to be slapped with a penis.
American: Dude, are you Canadian?

Canadian: Yes. Why?

American: You live in an igloo and have a pet beaver. Hahaha

Canadian: I'm going to peckerslap you.
by Dustin April 19, 2005
when one backhands another in the tesicular region resulting in pain and pecker-slapped falling to his knees
i pecker slapped that faggot because he wouldnt shut up
by j-e-e-n-e-e-u-s February 20, 2005
when one backhands another in the testicular region for being a fag and watches them fall to their knees in pain and laughs
shut up before i pecker slap you, you fag
by j-e-e-n-e-e-u-s February 21, 2005
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