an interjection used to rid yourself of unwanted attention; if someone follows you around and hits on you and will not leave you alone, work the words 'peanut butter' into the conversation so that your friends know to bail you out.
guy 1: heyyyy, you know that sweater looks very nice on you can i get your phone number?
girl: ummmm... ya know, i really could use some PEANUT BUTTER over here!
guy 2: hey, um, she's my girl friend, back off.
by random chick got bored March 08, 2006
a word used when you have nothing else to say
your mom
also a very yummy food!
person 1 "i'm bored"
person 2 "peanut butter"
by ma January 02, 2005
when one rubs hand full of peanut butter on others face for a fetish. To get the other one hard, or wet.
tommy rubbing peanut butter on susans face to get her nice and wet for sex.
by blood-Goth April 30, 2007
Diarrhea that is full off nuts looks like peanut butter
After eating a whole tub of stale out of date nuts I knew i was cursed to a full week of peanut butter
by Jay Clarkson January 05, 2005
A curse filter used on 6/16/04 on
Let's surround Dorkette and give her a peanut butter sandwich, SWT.
by Somac June 17, 2004
a guys dick, his penis
tom has as awesome peanut butter
by sammy February 22, 2005
Anal sex; butt sex; the butt secks
i gave some peanut butter to my gay boyfriend
by mofo 1414 June 20, 2003

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