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when one rubs hand full of peanut butter on others face for a fetish. To get the other one hard, or wet.
tommy rubbing peanut butter on susans face to get her nice and wet for sex.
by blood-Goth April 30, 2007
7 35
Diarrhea that is full off nuts looks like peanut butter
After eating a whole tub of stale out of date nuts I knew i was cursed to a full week of peanut butter
by Jay Clarkson January 05, 2005
35 66
A curse filter used on 6/16/04 on
Let's surround Dorkette and give her a peanut butter sandwich, SWT.
by Somac June 17, 2004
3 35
a guys dick, his penis
tom has as awesome peanut butter
by sammy February 22, 2005
16 52
Anal sex; butt sex; the butt secks
i gave some peanut butter to my gay boyfriend
by mofo 1414 June 20, 2003
20 60