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george bush's presidential cabinet
a group of (sometimes stupid) people that make comments on something they are watching or listening to; spectators with a verbal opinion
"we will not tolerate comments from the peanut gallery," said the announcer.
by kelly meier March 04, 2004
a person group of people whose opinions are insignificant
"No comment from the peanut gallery."
by The Return of Light Joker September 15, 2007
The term originated back in the theatre, where the cheapest seats were those way at the bottom floor and where people purchased peanuts because they were the cheapest snack. If they disapproved of the performance, they would throw the peanuts.

Howdy Doody, a show that started in the 1940's (not 50's), the children in the crowd were considered the "Peanut Gallery."
by j-reg August 17, 2012
term used on the '50s tv show "Howdy Doody" for the audience of kids.
Buffalo Bob would say "Let's ask the peanut gallery", refering to the kids in the audience
by bnquail August 23, 2008
Someone who has squirrel brains. Anything they say should and will be ignored.
We won't be taking any comments from the peanut gallery.
by HokeyPokey June 13, 2012
two dudes who finger the same girl in the back of a suburban on the way to a sporting event
The peanut-gallery was very busy on the way to the game last night.
by urgunnalovemynuts May 05, 2009
likes cock
you are a big "peanut gallery" because you sucked his cock last night.
by JOHNSTON991958 March 08, 2012
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