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The oldest camper at Point O'Pines, a sleep away camp. Peakers rule the camp and everyone in it. They demand respect from everyone and everyone worships them. Every camper looks up to them. Though, it is there last summer at camp, no one will ever forget them.
Peakers from camp point o pines who are loved by the world
by Sue Himoff November 12, 2011
Someone who is often seen peaking while in clubs, usually on ecstacy, but can be seen to be done by hyper active 18 year old girls.
John did a couple of e's, he's a bit of a peaker these day.
by marma D September 04, 2003
The observation of a girl's underwear, hopefully a thong, that is sticking out of their pants. If its in the back, we call 'er the regular 'peaker.' For the front, see frontal peaker
"Ooo shit man...look! look! look!...she's peakin"
"Wait for it....wait for it....PEAKER!"
"We got a lil' peakpeak I see"

R: "Any good peakers today?"
T: "Holy shit man...Sam Stickels..."
by mellin December 02, 2005
Urban slang for an ecstacy pill.
"Do you know anyone selling peaker's tonight?"
by Diego July 28, 2003
Slang term for a opiate pain killer. Originates from Steve Smith out of Provo, Utah.
by Mick Lee July 20, 2003
When you have to Sh!t so bad there's a little bit of it hanging out
Hey I have to go so bad its peaking, or
I have to go man, I got a peaker.
by Jim Carr March 18, 2005
A tall nerdy bummy boy
"stop bummin will peaker!"
by will tane November 22, 2003