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a very hard penis erectus, the main bone
After I gave her a poon smooch, I gave her the P-bone
by manbone April 12, 2007
3 1
A twisted pelvic bone which makes straight entry into the female vagina an impossibility. May also be used to refer to female genitalia in a derogatory manner.
After banging that chick my dick came out black and blue because of her stupid pbone
by Altima71 January 08, 2012
11 0
Polish Sex,A person who enjoys duct taping women to the bed when having sex with them.
Hey Timmy get me that roll of duct tape so I can go P-Bone dat bitch, Pissed off Polocks style Yo

by ThoseBallsareasSmoothasEggs August 20, 2008
5 5