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A type of bank account that will leave all of its contents to the specified heir upon the death of the account's original owner. This keeps the money within the account out of probate.

The band "P.O.D." took this term, applied it to the death of Yahshuah (Jesus Christ), and used it for their name. The contents of a payable-on-death account loosely symbolize The Messiah's atonement for our sin.
Mikhail: "You have a payable-on-death bank account?"
Phineas: "No, I'll be sitting in Hell laughing my ass off at the people going through the trouble of proving the authenticity of my will."
Mikhail: "...You're a dick..."
Phineas: "lol"

Mikhail: "What does P.O.D.'s name mean?"
Phineas: "It stands for Payable on Death. It's a type of bank account that allows its contents to be passed on to somebody else when the owner dies without the money going into probate. They correlate this with Jesus' atonement for our sin, you fucking dumbass. Jeez, why the hell do I even hang around you? If I wanted to hear dumb questions, I'd go to a third grade math lesson and listen to kids ask why two plus two equals four."
Mikhail: "...You're a dick..."
Phineas: "lol"
by BeefMonger February 18, 2008
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Roundabout one of the best heavy rock bands of this century, with the hit singles "Alive", "Youth of the Nation", and "Boom!"
Man, I've got Payable On Death all OVER my boombox, bro!
by V.I.Pizzle March 19, 2004
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