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the act of a male going jackhammer on a female (when having sex missionary very fast like a 'jackhammer'), then, as soon as the orgasm seems to be present, pull the dick out from the vagina and ejaculate into one's hand and slap the bitch across the face, creating a "cumslap." however, this is considered a "paul bunyan flapjack" when it is jackhammer sex followed by a cumslap to the face.
person 1: "dude, do you remember chickie?"
person 2: "you mean that cum guzzling gutter slut that always shows up at the long trail tavern?
person 1: "yeah, i actually had sex with that slam pig, and i gave her the PAUL BUNYAN FLAPJACK!!!!"
person 2: "nice"
by Barnaby Jones October 20, 2007

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