an individual i used to go to high school with of phillipino and irish descent. His parents are imelda and edward and they are icons. Patrick enjoys guitar, mainly metal, hardcore, pop punk, and that genre where fat middle aged people with obnoxious looking acoustic guitars basically slap their instrument and finger tap. He also enjoys xbox and other mediums of online gaming, such as call of duties, halo, cs source, and battlefield.

We once got in a fight in high school over my girl situation probably, but we both realized we were being colonel cluster fucks so we were friends again. He used to sit at my lunch table and often appears to be pissed off but he is actually a warm gentleman.

Recently, he lost his virginity to a girl named Poncho who has a boyfriend due to a one night stand while in the same room as two other people. He claims to have gone "limp" due to unknown causes and thus failed to finish which is probably favorable in the long run as he forgot to put his socks on.

Some of his most well known lines are "Do work, son," or "sick........" or "werd........" and even the occasional "i could write a better song than these guys, with one cheek tied behind my balls!"

Patrick is currently at oklahoma state university, where he chases after women with nose piercings and aspires to get his dick wet once more, while maintaining a steady GPA.
"Go ahead and sit down, cunt" -Patrick Tooey
by pajaime November 29, 2007

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