someone who claims they own a boat..and dont...aka the titanic. just a bull shit artist.
james r. is a pathalogical liar, i wish he was under the back wheels of an 04 avi that he has on his myspace. which is really owned by the only person who cares about him.
by fronkenstien April 12, 2006
Top Definition
A person who lies so often, they start to believe that if they say it then it must be true. And they expect everyone else to believe them as well.
Katie is such a pathalogical liar, she would be offended if she told you the sky was green and you didn't believe her.
by lenttu October 04, 2004
A person who just can't help but tell the exact opposite of what is the truth. You will know that nothing but prefabricated bullshit is coming out of their mouths WHEN THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING! They lie about everything from if they cheated on you to what color the icing was that topped their poptart for breakfast. And they can be perceived as being passionate when telling lies, because along with a fake life of lies comes the job of being an actor. A Pathalogical Liar will even continue to repeatedly tell lies, EVEN after the fact that they DONT DO IT WELL, is pointed out to them time and time again.
DANNY is a pathalogical liar! And , ACCORDING TO HIM, he also has did not screw Leanne or Dana...did not call my parents and tell them a bunch of LIES and some truths about my personal life, he did not steal from me, he will find a way to help me pay the bills, he is sorry for calling me names and being mental and abusive, he is sorry for being a complete leech and mooch...doing NOTHING..not looking for a job, smoking all of my cigarettes, suffocating me, living off me and draining me mentally , physically, emotionally...for doing nothing but being a complete burden and being more work than five newborn babies...but these are all lies because has not stopped. I think being a pathalogical liar makes DANNY really disgusting...He definitly needs more D to go with that ICK!
by Ginger Frick June 21, 2006
One that constantly tells lies
Anyone that writes those untrue, fake bad things about America Online (AOL) is a pathalogical liar
by Tom Cat May 23, 2004
A kid who dips drives a camaro is 18 is got a full ride to michigan state when he was 12 and is likes by only scott schade
Hey that kids a pathalogical liar
by haha BRENT SUX March 16, 2004
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