I Tex-Mex phrase stating that you're too poor to get a car so you have to get around using your feet.
e.g. 1
person a)Hey ese how did you get here?
person b) pos tu sabes loosly translated into(you know) I used the patamobile!

e.g. 2
person a) check it out vato, I got some new J's for the patamobile!
person b) my bad ese I upgrated to a 6 cylinder

e.g. 3
Hey can you give me a ride to the store in your patamobile?
by Felicia Garcia October 06, 2007
Top Definition
pata meaning foot in spanish.
when you dont have a car so u walk form place to place.using your pata mobile
juan-"man i dont have a car i have a pata mobile"
ricky-"dayum you have to walk everywhere?!?!"
by mariah.h September 21, 2005
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