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One of Foo Fighters many guitarists. He was also in the Germs....and Nirvana
Pat Smear is on fire tonight! -Dave Grohl
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by Yourbassplayer May 13, 2016
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The slightly older guy you all forget about who played in Nirvana and The Foo Fighters. Not as hot as Kurt, Dave or even Taylor Hawkins so nobody gives a shit. Also known for leaving Foo Fighters then coming back whenever he wants because he is a pretty good musician.
"You are the Pat Smear of this group."

"We need another member... Let's add a Pat Smear."
by MrsDaveGrohl October 07, 2016
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the amount of butter used when it's a little less than a pat but more than a smearing.
This recipe called for a "dot" of butter - is that nearer to a pat or a smearing; if it's in the middle, I suppose a dot is a pat-smear?
by Aged In Wisdom February 04, 2017
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