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The act of defecating into a man's uncircumcised foreskin, such that the foreskin becomes filled as a pastry bag does with frosting. This is a requisite preliminary maneuver to "birthday caking", which is the act of decorating a person's face, as though it were a birthday cake, with feces from a partially pinched shut foreskin.
The man's habitual pastry bagging routine become tiresome due to the irreparably stained bedroom carpet.
by El_Guapo August 26, 2011
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Act of jizzing in a condom after sexual intercourse,then after you have jizzed in the condom you proceed to tie off one end and squeeze the semen out onto your lovers face as if you were decorating a cake.
"Hey Matt,I took you advice and started pastry bagging that ho last night,she loved it"
by Plat247 April 16, 2008

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