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a person you work with and who could give you a lift to work or home as he/she drives there by car, but does not do it as he/she focuses so much on driving and the road that he/she does not see you standing on the sidewalk and waiting for a bus;

in fact he/she would not see you even if there was nothing around except for the bus stop and you;

sometimes it is done on purpose because the person simply does not give a damn about you standing there and waiting
Morgan: Hey man! What took you so long? The boss asked about you.
Jake: Damn buses and damn Jackson!
Morgan: What?
Jake: Yup, the bus broke down and the other one was to come in 20 minutes. I saw Jackson in his Taurus, I waved, but of course he pretended that he didn't see me. Sorry-ass passer-drive!
by KurtSteinerPL July 23, 2009
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