one of the tri-cities, pasco is currently where all the mexicans are coming, (probibly because of the new wal*mart)and where almost everything is either new houses or fields of potatos, corn, or wheat. pasco was where all the gangs were, untill kennewick started to be the new spot for drugies. either way, it sucks to live in pasco. (granted there is a nice river view of the columbia river)
don't live in pasco, richland is much better.
by yes, its me October 15, 2006
Top Definition
Pasco is the city that dominates in the tricities. Even though the other cities, (ie Kennewick, Richland, etc.) try their hardest to give Pasco a bad reputation, Pasco always comes out on top. Students in Pasco have a better understanding of the real world. A good motto for Pasco High School would be, "talk shit, get hit". And I'm sure people from other schools wouldn't be able to handle it. Also, Pasco is getting really nice houses in different parts. Pasco is just the best all around place to live in.
everyone loves pasco
by princessbeautiful June 27, 2008
city in the eastern part of Washington state
I must be in Pasco cause all I see are a bunch of hicks
by zack banks March 11, 2009
the resulant state induced by the combination of sleep deprivation and emotional off-kilterism. A state that renders you impervious to scrutiny and evil-doers. Often accompanied by mirages of grandeur and/or elevation to a grandiose state.
"I have been awake for twenty-eight hours and have been feeling Pasco for the past seven."
"The sun is rising and I think it is going to be a Pasco day."
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