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a group of private schools in pasadena, california. since all the public schools suck ass, and pasadena is full of rich white people, theres a shitload of private schools to satisfy their 'needs'. some of the schools arent actually in pasadena, but are part of the list because everyone in pasadena goes to them. most of the schools are catholic. theres a lot of girls schools but only one boys school, so if you want to get laid, go to pasadena.
mayfield senior school(pasadena)-girls/catholic

maranatha high school(pasadena)-co ed/christian

westridge school(pasadena)-girls/non religious

polytechnic school(pasadena)-co ed/non religious

la salle high school(pasadena)-co ed/catholic

alverno high school(sierra madre)-girls/catholic

flintridge sacred heart academy(la cañada flintridge)-

flintridge preparatory school(la cañada flintridge)-co ed/non

st. francis high school(la cañada flintridge)-boys/catholic

"man your girlfriend goes to one of the pasadena privates? she must be hot. i bet shes smart and crazy rich too."
by rocksann cöle August 18, 2011
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