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a mohawk that you get specifically in preparation for a party, and therefore sporting it at said party.
"Duuude! nice partyhawk!"
by Hefty/Becki November 05, 2007
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Darwin would be proud. This hairstyle evolved from the famous "Party Ramp" and is generally worn by men just past their prime. No longer able to fashion the true party ramp, these guys push up/back the hair in the middle of the forehead and add the (mo) hawk portion down the middle. The rest of the hair is generally well kept, clean, and gelled.
While their good times are mostly past, they still seek out fun albeit in places they would never have tread before. Typical behaviors include heavy drinking, uncontrollable flirting, and gay chicken. One may see party hawks on guys sporting prosthetic limbs, as sometimes they chew off arms/legs to escape from nightmarish morning afters.
by hobbswannabe December 18, 2010
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