party: Sex, drugs, rock and roll
speed, weed, and birth control
lifes a bitch until we die
so fuck this world lets get high!
Soke some weed, drink the drank, fuck someone and party bitches.
by Smokey~420 October 05, 2006
a word that used to mean innocent 8 year olds going to someones house with their parents as chaperons, usually for a birthday, doing organized things like playing twister, videogames, eating pizza or cake.

Once a child hits the age of 13, the word "party" then officially means to have a few people over to ones house when the parents aren't at home to get ridiculously high/drunk
Dude,mom just left, she'll be out for at least 5 hours. let's party

no dude, we're too old for that. i don't feel like dragging twister out of the attic or making a cake.

no you idiot! get the bag out of your room, let's light it up!
by frv May 17, 2009
to consume alcohol or other substances, as in a celebratory fashion
man, we partied hard last night...
by minda July 05, 2002
Weed and alcohol. What was once a simple, innocent, get together for friends and family, is now essentially a cool kid hangout to "get drunk" and "get high" as if it's the only way to have a "good time". Typically, shitty music is played at these but everyone seems to enjoy it for one reason or another (mostly because a good 90% or so don't have actual personalities).

See also: party.
Dipshit: Dude, are you going to the party this weekend?
Me: Nah, I've got better things to do with my time.
by cakedonkey November 22, 2004
An oblique way to refer to cocaine use. Often used to determine whether or not someone else is a user or whether or not someone might want to buy or try cocaine. To avoid further solicitation, someone being asked if he or she "parties" should answer "not anymore" rather than simply "no."
Bobby: Do you party?
Susie: No.
Bobby: Wanna try?
by Stinky February 28, 2005
1. A social gathering, which can offer alcoholic beverages and feature sexualy explicit content.

2. A place to get laid.
1. "I got a party coming up, wanna come?"


2. "Holy shit, John and Sally were fucking in his sister's room!!"
by Jaime_Blah May 28, 2005
the actual drug that's being brought to the party.
"Hey man, when's the party gonna get here?"
by youorme April 25, 2009
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