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when a party has been raped by the those attending the party. no one is actually getting raped, rather the party itself is being raped by the partiers. party rape implies a good time and a kick ass party. the word originated from a glow stick that was also a whistle, a rape whistle if you will. hence, the name party rape. it's a party in a rape whistle.
"damn dude! did you go to that show last night?"
"yeah it was a party rape for sure"

"we party raped some umphrey's mcgee last night at the house of blues in dallas. they played layla and the party rape got rapier."
by OG LT October 03, 2009
when one goes a party and steals all of the occupants and brings them back to their own party. Also applicable for bars, get togethers, and other gatherings of large groups of people.
see the website -
-- where did all the people go? i just went to the bathroom!
-- they said they were going to ft gdp chica as this place was lame
-- awwww we got party raped :( guess we'll head over there too...
by FrYLºcK July 06, 2009
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