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1) The male equivalent of a daddy's girl; Any male (kid, teen or, adult) who's very close to his father. He is, however, typically spoiled and bratty, thus creating the difference between a male closed to their father, yet not a "daddy's boy." Often times the male who relies solely on daddy to pay for anything or get anything from the father. (This includes rent, bills, ect.) (Reference Ted Gunderson (Fallout: New Vegas.)

2) A male (kid, teen or, adult) who is excessively influenced by or excessively attached to his father. Similar to a mama's boy.
(Papa's boy examples, matching the corresponding numbers.)

1) They tried to make fun of me! My daddy is going to shut their business down!

2) Daddy said that alligators so mad 'cuz they gots no toothbrush for all them teeth.(*)

(*Similar reference to mama's boy Robert 'Bobby' Boucher Jr. (The Waterboy).)
by DMLD96 September 14, 2011

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