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(n.) A victim of domestic violence
Joes' girlfriend is a panda face. You can even read her name on his wedding ring from the mark on her face!
by Kung-fu Jesus June 26, 2004

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A totally sweet/rad little chica who's utterly adorable and somewhat resembles and panda.
"Annie (very cute girl) your such a pandaface. I luv u!"
by PirateWenchesandTacogasms September 21, 2007
It means you are cute!!! Also means Abbi is cute.
You are such a panda face!
Abbi you are my panda face!
Omgdz you remind me of a panda face!
by ẅђіţě¤ẅoļf April 15, 2009
When a man ejaculates on a black woman's face, thus creating a panda face.
I panda faced that bitch last night son.

Song: Come on wit dat panda face,

come come come on wit dat panda face
I skeet skeet on dat black girls face,

now now shes got that panda face.
by Tommy Tommy salami October 04, 2010
Asian-American female who is somewhat overweight, usually due to having grown up eating the fatty American diet.
You: "Did you see that hot Asian chick back there?"

Me: "Yeah, she was alright but kind of a Panda Face."
by superwordsmith March 08, 2010
A very cute, slightly sad face
We all stared akwardly at Tina until she made her panda face.
by ManiK October 22, 2006