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Created in May of 2005 by 'beachfront noob' and 'pancake patrol', The Pancake Patrol is regarded as the greatest HALO clan in the world. In June of 2007, 'beachfront noob' recruited William Jackelson McJimbelson (most commonly known as Billy) to lead the Pancake Patrol at a rape rehab clinic in Saudi Arabia. Billy has lead the Pancake Patrol to an astonishing Team Slayer win percentage of 14% since taking over, previously the Pancake Patrol had never one a game. Since the initial two members of May 2005 membership rates have ballooned to 25,000,000 in the state of Rhode Island alone.
-Billy, quick crouch walk behind me as I run at them with my double popcorn guns blasting.
<Double Kill>
-Pancake Patrol is the coolest. Let's do all of 'em real good.
by beachfront noob March 26, 2008
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