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An alternative way to win an argument besides using two camels in a tiny car

By Ray William Johnson
Pepsi is better!" "No, Coke is better!" "Pepsi! Pancake mix! You lost."
by Random =D June 22, 2010
Cooking economics - A substance added with milk than heated can create pancakes which is the best breakfast better yet food in the history of mankind!

Popularity - A substance which when eaten raw, straight from the box will make you instantly cool and popular! Usually accomplished by men!

Pancake mix - one's friends' favorite food!
"You aint got no pancake mix!" - informing you are lame, weak, or a complete loser!


Person#1 - "Excuse me sir aren't you gonna add any milk to that pancake mix?"

Person#2 - "What, you think im some sort of pansy???"


Person#1 - "Check out that guys pancake mix!"

Person#2 - "Yeah i heard he jugs it everyday!!!"


Person#1 - "What did i say about checkin out my mother flippin pancakes?" (Sometimes mother flippin used as an adjective describing the pancakes!) (Other times it is used to literally check out ones mom that is currently occupied flipping pancakes!)

Person#2 - "Sorry your moms' cooking turns me on!!!"


Hardcore Cool Cat - "I'm bakin bacon while im bacon mancakes! UUUGGGGHHHH!!!! Doesn't get more manlier than that!!!"


Hardcore Cool Cat - "We aint talkin about no pancakes! We talkin bout raw straight from the box mancake mix!!!"
by FASTGUYDOGonyt March 02, 2011
1.The admin of several chat rooms and online RPG's. Has no social life, and lots of free time.

2.What is used to make a delicious 2-dimensional breakfast. Contains Milk, canola oil, flour, eggs, and various other ingredients added at the chef's discretion.(not capitalized)

1. I'll be damned, it's Pancake Mix! How are you?

2. MMm....I'm in the mood for some pancakes. Do we have any pancake mix?
by PM himself November 29, 2006
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