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1) a teenage preacher man that lives around the corner. preach brotha preach!
2) can turn a horny girl off in 2.5 seconds by talking about religion.
3) a guy who's girlfriend's pants are too tight for him to get into.
4) waits until marriage for sex as to not enrage god.
"don't be such a pamphlet man.. take off your girlfriend's pants"


Sexy Miss K: my parent's are out this week, why don't you come over? we can have some fun..

Mr. S: sorry babe, but don't you know according to the bible, it's wrong to fuck before marriage?

Sexy Miss K: look, if i wanted to date such a pamphlet man, i would ask out a preist. could you shut up and take off my pants?

Mr. S: *runs away clutching bible*
by blingblingwanksta June 29, 2004
1) boi who gwan chat bout he religion
2) boi who gwan try n convert sexi gyalz in he religion
3) boi who dun wan nah action from gyal dem
1) *couple making out* boi: i jus went door to door advertising my religion

gurl : bun u i'll go sex diff manz

2) boi: sexy Kizzles plzzzz join my religion
Sexy Kizzles: lick my pum
boi: not until marriage

3) sexy kizzles: fuck my hard bytch squeeze me, ooooooo i wanna suck u
boi: wuts this gurl doing i dont want that her pants are too tite
by rizzles July 04, 2004
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