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Palmetto High School is located in the heart of Palmghetto, Florida. It is a diverse mixture of students ranging from ghetto white trash, wannabe rednecks, dirty mexicans, and 92.8% of the black population in the state of Florida. You can drive no more than 1 sq mile in any direction around the school and find at least 6 gangs. The weed is embarrassingly pathetic bc all the chronic stoners go to Manatee. At any home game, you will witness at least 3 fights, 8 pathetically obvious drug deals and a threesome make out sesh between 3 emo girls behind the bathroom. The cheerleading team consists of 9 of the easiest girls in school. PHS alumni make up the city of Palmetto because no one makes it into to college if they haven't already dropped out. Palmetto High School is survival of the biggest... The biggest trucks, the biggest boobs and the biggest disappointment. Palmetto High School happens to have a FANTASTIC agriculture department mainly because thats how they get caucasian students to enroll. On any given day, you will find used condoms in every bathroom, heroin needles in most trashcans and dirty underwear in the cafeteria. The school colors (red, white and black) symbolize the blood stained halls, cum on the walls and black balls. Thank you snead island PHS students for keeping it classy and only having 3 abortions instead of the school average of 7. But if you ever need some good cows (both humans and the animals) here is the address: 1200 17th St W, Palmetto, FL 34221
"hey do you know anyone that goes to palmetto high school?"
"yeah i usually go there for my easy bitches and hoes"

"is the weed good"

"hell nah man you gotta go to lakewood or manatee where the experts are but if you're looking for heroin, palmghettos your place"
by palmghettoguy238 March 21, 2014
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