an all girls school where lesbians frequently try to put down certain female students/athletes who refuse to satisfy their "womanly needs"..
Coach: you want to play? come in my office for a couple minutes (wink wink)
athlete: NO, i AM STRAIGHT!
coach: you're off the team.. wait no, you're expelled!
by theman February 23, 2005
Top Definition
a school, like Salesianum, Ursuline, Archmere, and St. Mark's in Wilmington, Delaware, dedicated to providing a Catholic education and promoting spirituality among its students.

A healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) rivalry between all these schools often results in the types of entries seen in this dictionary.
One day, hopefully, the students of Padua Academy and the other schools will realize they are all in this together and cut out the entries which only make all of them look bad.
by Hopeful Catholic April 13, 2006
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