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armed; using or carrying a gun
the warriors: "shit, the chicks are packed!"
by adh2 June 24, 2006
1. In current possession of a gun.

2. Describing a place (that is not a bathroom) that is popular and generally filled with people.

3. In terms of smoking paraphenalia use, describing a bowl to be filled with substance i.e. tobacco, weed, salvia, green tea, etc.
1. Generally in dangerous neighborhoods, it's generally a safe idea to be packed.

2. Because the rollercoaster line was packed, we went on the Merry-Go-Round instead.

3. After three rounds of packed bowls, I went to go watch Pulp Fiction.
by WizardSocks February 10, 2011
Short for siz-packed. In volleyball when a ball is spiked at you and you try and bump it but it slams into either you chest or your stomach.
Oh shit!!...Ammon got packed like a freshy!!! He's gonna have a welt between his nipples.
Names in example are theoretical)
by BUSHRULES March 10, 2005
to be defeated

to be owned at a particular game or event
last night i packed away a bunch of noobs at hockey. I neatly packed them away and placed them properly in alphabetical order in accordances to pwn'age.
by the j man 66 April 05, 2009
1) To hit an object with great force.

2) To be hit by an object with great force.
1) I was playin' soccer the other day, and Harry kicked the ball and packed me in the face with it!

2) I got pissed and packed the dodgeball in his direction.
by NarooN December 10, 2009
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