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A shortened version of Tupac Shakur's (AKA 2Pac, Makaveli, The Don Kiluminati)name, given to him by those who seem to think they knew him as their best friend or something.

Julius/Julie = Jules
Jason = Jase
Johnathan = Johnno
Stacey = Stace
Rebecca = Bec
Bump nines off that purple,
Sittin' on the block.
And when I'm loadin up them clips,
I listen to Pac.
~Wake the Dead - The Game;Doctor's Advocate
by Dogg Tagg November 30, 2006
The abbreviation of 'People Are Cunts'. Expresses the general feeling that we are in most situations surrounded by selfish idiots. They couldn't care less about being helpful or even doing their job.
I spent all day playing phone tag with my insurance company. They have refused to pay for my stolen car and now they won't even explain why. PAC!
by God damn quesadillas! June 07, 2010
A Handjob. (For Post-Apocalyptic Currency)
Your birthday party wasn't a total loss; at least I got a P.A.C.
by hellobrian September 19, 2008
Pussy-Ass Combo, a very underrated trait in women. Pronounced P-A-C, rather than Pac. Those who maintain it well are placed above all others. There is nothing more satisfying than a tight, clean PAC. Can reference the two holes specifically, or the entire region as a whole.
Son: "What makes a girl stand out from all the others?"

Father: "It's all about the PAC son. All about the PAC."
by is she hot? May 05, 2010
to herb someone up , to bitch them up, to make them your bitch, for a woman to make her man look like a bitch in front of her friends,straight g just like 2 PAC would do
yo u see the way Sophia told that nigga to get her cupcakes from the store it was mad late at night and he just ran and did. Hell ya Rob got straight pac ed
by beanzzzzzz August 29, 2010
Acting like, or making an obvious display of the fact that you think, you're more badass than you actually are.
1. "Dude, did you see Sean take off his shirt and rock his wifebeater to get her attention?"

"Yep. That shit was pac!"

2. "Last night I snuck into the after party and hung out with Justin Bieber all night!"

"Dude, you are so fucking pac."
by Chilly J April 29, 2010
Pool Appreciation Club
Wow PAC is so cool! I have to go now!
by Mustachioenator October 12, 2009