Also known as "p0ful1t" it means when you spray all 30 bullets in CS:S (CS source) and didnt hit the enemy .. yoyo

Ohhh z0mg Jafar, p0ful3n0...
by Pavel Sukany March 13, 2008
Top Definition
Term that arose in Counter-Strike: Source scene. It means spraying whole clip at the enemy at close to mid range whilst not hitting him with any bullet. It implies monsterfail at aiming.
Player hides behind a corner and enemy runs by him without noticing hidden gamer. Hidden player ducks and sprays whole clip at the enemy from behind but hits him just once or not at all. Such action can be commented: "p0ful3n0".
pretty much same as if you'd call it monsterfail
by Styx0 March 14, 2008

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