Proud-fun. A word created my My Chemical Romance vocalist, Gerard Way. If you are proud of what you are doing and at the same time having fun, you are being prun.
Guy: You just won the reallyreallybig contest! How do you feel?
Other Guy: I feel prun!
by vampXfaerie June 06, 2006
Top Definition
cruising out onto the old mission peninsula to smoke the grass
we'll catch up with you on our p-run man...
by loosecannoncopontheedge December 10, 2006
Someone who stinks at golf and is not italian
Anna: That kid is such a prun
Ethan: yea he stinks at golf and he isn't even italian
by Edeeeeee June 17, 2013
A run to a local shop to stock up on some porn.
He looks happy... must have just got back from a p-run
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
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