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Heroin; Crack and PCP OR a Parliament Light cigarette.
Got any P-Funks?
by White boy who smokes bud July 18, 2003
22 45
White, powdered heroin, usually found on the east coast of the united states, that can be snorted or injected...as opposed to black tar heroin which has a "tar" consistency and can only be injected.
yo, don't you miss that killer p funk we used to get from the Bronx?
by jon b. ny May 29, 2008
5 32
derogatory term for a skank's melodorous vaginal.
Did you get a whiff of that ho's p-funk? I can smell it over here.
by d-man June 08, 2004
12 50
funk is a kind of music, feeling, and medicine. the "P" is a wild card letter, which means you can put any meaning in the world in front of it.
funk can not only move, it can re-move.... dig?
by Nooch December 31, 2003
23 118
What is left on the sheets after sex.
EWW-there's some p funk down there.
Pussy/Penis funk
by juana phuck January 07, 2006
45 141
code word for a porno flick.
Last night I rented two p funks at Spanky's.
by pipiripau December 28, 2004
21 160