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Perifious pussy odor. One which is usually complimented by a cheesy discharge. Or otherwise known as tainted, because somone else has been there.
Damn bitch, you been cheatin'? Cause that monkey is ruint! The p'odor gave you away and I did not order x-cheese on my pie. U tainted BITCH! Get to steppin'.. Thats alright I banged your sister anyway.
by ba_jdev8 October 19, 2005
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The aromatic organic compound that is produced within the female vaginal cavity. May cause a foul oder in females who neglect the care of their genitals.
That bitch has some dank podor
by Cupycake April 11, 2009
Vaginal odor (pussy oder) used to describe anything that smells, or tastes bad.......
"dog, your fuckin' feet are poder..."
by g-biscuit March 12, 2005

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