pig latin for toy. toy is the word given to any cunt that is shit a graf and caouldnt do a decent piece 2 save his own life. same goes wif even tags..... they cant fucken do em. i dont even no y toy cunts fucken even bother throwin up tags coz they juz get capped by cunts who can actually do sumfin decent wif a can of paint. the worst shit eva that can happen is wen sum fucken toy who cant graf caps sum cunt that burns the shit outa him . this happened 2 me by sum shit fucken toy cunt n i got so pissed off if i eva find out who it is its fucken unch on times.
Tommo: ben sum shit cunt fucken capped u on that green box
Ben: OMFG every time i see dat oytay up im cappin the absolute shit outa him wot a fuken itshay
by benjohnson April 29, 2005

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