Mark Smedley's Attitude To Life
1) You're a non-conformist who hates anything out of the ordinary, you're so oxymoronic.
2) You're a woman, you're so oxymoronic.
by huatfibat March 06, 2012
Top Definition
of or having to do with an oxymoron
The concept of a funky white boy is oxymoronic.
by MiKe EaTs FoOd March 21, 2005
Having a desire for two opposite things.

"Sally wants to get married and have kids more than anything, but her biggest fear is commitment."

"Yeah, I know...she's so Oxymoronic!"
by clovercd April 25, 2009
two things or people that are so alike and yet different
Man, Vinh and Jami are so much alike and yet they're so different, that's oxymoronic.
by VinhX March 16, 2006
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