A term used to describe a person that is, or acts as if they were heavily intoxicated. Side effects include one-night stands with elderly women at bars, or being missing-in-action for 2-3 days when your work partner is searching for you.
Pera was outtacontrol last night, he didn't know how funny he was, nor did he realise that he even went out last night.
by überMiniC February 14, 2010
Top Definition
cool, nice, exceptional could be used in many different ways
1. damn that hottie is lookin outta control!

2. That new lexus you got is outta control!

by JoeSch84 April 16, 2007
To be "O.T.C." or "Out-Ta-Control"
Acting like a wild woman or monster.
"Oh my gosh, you're acting totally outta control."

"Stop being so outta control Nancy, you're scaring me!"
by Pimp Master Kat November 17, 2006
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